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This Toolkit is designed to support public health professionals, community leaders and other trusted messengers in their efforts to educate and communicate about COVID-19 testing. 

It provides free, ready-made content and best-practice guidance to raise awareness about asymptomatic spread and the need to increase participation in COVID-19 testing. Grounded in the latest evidence, the Toolkit translates public health goals into motivating, clear messages that help drive the right people to the right tests at the right time. All of our assets and materials are completely free and anyone is welcome to use them. We understand this is a stressful time for anyone invested in public health, and that you may be working at full capacity right now. It’s why we created this easy-to-use, ‘plug and play’ resource. 

Here is what you will find in the three sections of the Toolkit, and how you can use it:



The campaigning section offers quick tutorials on a variety of subjects related to planning and running a public health messaging campaign. Learn how to survey attitudes about testing in your community, set your campaign goals, run our #TakeTheTest campaign, or develop strategies to get more out of social media. Explore how to best reach local populations or specific community groups.

Our tutorials are built to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and needs, from those new to campaigning to experienced communicators. You can choose a path based on your prior knowledge and goals.


the evidence

The evidence section provides you with the key talking points about COVID-19 testing that you are communicating in your campaigns. It explains asymptomatic spread, screening and diagnostic testing, who should get tested when, what types of tests are currently in use, and other important details in clear, accessible language. An understanding coronavirus testing section answers key questions people have about testing. 



The Library offers a collection of text and image assets that can be applied in a ‘mix & match’ fashion to your campaigns. We have worked with artists whose colorful, creative images you can use in your social media posts and outreach. We’ve created animations, tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, handouts, and newsletter and email templates to give you the content you need to run engaging campaigns.

All of these materials are copyright-free and easy to download.

We offer translations of key materials in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese. We will also continue to add content to the asset library, based on your feedback and emerging communication needs this spring and summer.

In the other parts of this About section, you can learn about who we are, why we created this Toolkit, and the artists we worked with. Thank you for becoming a trusted communicator about COVID-19 testing. Together, we can suppress this virus.

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